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Township of Ocean Intermediate School

Grant amount:


Ocean, New Jersey

Funds from the YLACES grant will be used to enhance the science education experience for approximately 30-40 7th-grade students in my special education science classes.  This grant will be instrumental in acquiring the equipment needed to implement GLOBE protocols in our science curriculum. The funds will primarily be allocated to procure scientific instruments, such as infrared thermometers, an automated weather station, tablets for data collection and a drying oven, enabling our students to actively engage in hands-on environmental data collection.  The incorporation of GLOBE protocols into our curriculum aligns with YLACES' mission of promoting authentic scientific research experiences for young learners. By using the grant to purchase this equipment, we aim to instill a sense of curiosity and inquiry in our students as they conduct real-world investigations, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental science. The grant will directly benefit 60-70 7th-grade students who will actively participate in GLOBE-related activities throughout the academic year. Students will collaborate in groups, applying GLOBE protocols to collect and analyze environmental data on the Township of Ocean Intermediate School campus.  The newly purchased equipment will not only help students to make observations and learn how to collect data but also empower them to design and conduct authentic research projects.

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