National Wildlife Federation (NWF) ECO-Schools

The NWF ECO-Schools USA Program is the US element of the international ECO-Schools program that engages the youth of today to protect the climate of tomorrow.  NWF is embarking on a pilot program to partner with GLOBE by recruiting, training, and  equipping 80 ECO-Schools to take GLOBE measurements as part of the GLOBE El Niño Campaign. Two teachers from each of 40 schools will receive on-line training and a pair of teachers from an additional 40 schools will receive in-person training at a workshop in Denver, Colorado held in the summer of 2016. All teachers will  be trained in the precipitation protocol. Teachers of K-4 students will be trained to take measurements of surface temperature using an IR thermometer while those teaching grades 5-8 will be trained in the measurement of surface soil moisture in support of the NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission. YLACES will supply the equipment for these 80 schools.

The first in-person training was held in Denver.


Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists assists and rewards the implementation of inquiry-based, experiential science education where students do science and contribute to understanding of our environment through recognition and financial reward programs.

Grants range from support for taking simple measurements to teacher professional development and working for pervasive inclusion of student research projects in science teaching.


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