The Country School

The Lower School Science program at The Country School (TCS) structures the students’ science experience utilizing Pearson’s Interactive Science Curriculum. This curriculum cultivates the students as scientists to acquire proficiency in investigations and the scientific method. Each grade introduces scientific research and issues investigations with experiences for the students to explore and process. Student data and observations drive the science curriculum. Students document all-weather and soil observations and evidence in a science journal during each class. All data collected will be analyzed by Lower school students. This grant will supply TCS with measurement equipment that the students will use to take observation. Data will be reported to GLOBE.


Grant amount: $1,190


Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists assists and rewards the implementation of inquiry-based, experiential science education where students do science and contribute to understanding of our environment through recognition and financial reward programs.

Grants range from support for taking simple measurements to teacher professional development and working for pervasive inclusion of student research projects in science teaching.


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