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Upstream Alliance

Annapolis, Maryland

Grant amount:


Upstream Alliance is committed to the idea of no child left inside and looks forward to being an active partner in opportunities to connect children with their environment. As its inaugural event, an Upstream Alliance team, including two

innovative future environmental leaders, circumnavigated the Delmarva Peninsula in kayaks covering over 500 miles in 30 days. During their month-long journey, the crew uploaded daily measurements indicative of the health of the waters surrounding the peninsula. This data, collected through standard measuring techniques such as those of the GLOBE Program, is available worldwide for K-12 classes and others to use in research. The grant provided support for the inclusion of GLOBE Hydrosphere measurements, which are appropriate to brackish and saltwater. These data were reported to and made

available by GLOBE and posted on the Upstream Alliance fully accessible website. Additional non-GLOBE measurements were taken including juvenile fish population assessments. The grant also supported the staff time needed to take and report data, interact with students, support the website, and provide equipment for these GLOBE measurements.

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