National Wildlife Federation ECO Schools Grant Summary

Grant amount:

Up to $10,000

The NWF ECO-Schools USA Program ( is the US element of the international ECO-Schools program ( that engages the youth of today to protect the climate of tomorrow. NWF is

embarking on a pilot program to partner with GLOBE by recruiting, training, and equipping 80 ECO-Schools to take GLOBE measurements as part of the GLOBE El Nino Campaign. Two teachers from each of 40 schools will receive on-line training and a pair of teachers from an additional 40 schools will receive in-person training at a workshop in Denver, Colorado held in the summer of 2016. All teachers will be trained in the precipitation protocol. Teachers of K-4 students will be trained

to take measurements of surface temperature using an IR thermometer while those teaching grades 5-8 will be trained in the measurement of surface soil moisture in support of the NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission.

YLACES will supply the equipment for these 80 schools.