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Harmony High School

Hawkins, Texas

Grant amount:


Plan and Background

Students from Harmony High School will conduct a water quality project on Macro-Invertebrates and participate in an international research project. Students will use GLOBE protocols to test Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Alkalinity, Electrical Conductivity, pH, Water Temperature, Salinity, and Nitrates. The students at Harmony will collaborate with students at East Point StarPlex School in New Delhi, India. East Point School will do research on Lake Sanjay; students at Harmony will collect data at Lake Hawkins. All data will be reported to GLOBE. Each of the students in the project will be required to write a blog about their personal experience in the research project. This will be an ongoing research project that will follow students for the next 3 years of high school. The grant will provide water monitoring equipment.​


These students from Harmony High School have recently competed at the Southwestern Regional GLOBE Symposium in Denver, Colorado. The all freshman group consisting of Isaac Edwards, Brandon McNeil, Matthew Scott and Shane Sewell presented their water quality project, which tested water quality within and around the cities of Winnsboro, Holly Lake, and Tyler. Harmony High School was honored with the award for Best Overall Presentation. They will continue working on their project as well as presenting it again at the GLOBE Conference in Connecticut in July.

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