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Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve

Port Jervis, New York

Grant amount:


Brandwein Nature Land Preserve's proposal, “Family Citizen Science”, encompasses and encourages democratic participation in active scientific research through the development of meaningful mentor-mentee relationships collecting, interpreting, and communicating the scientific data facilitated by Brandwein Institute (BI) Directors. K-14 students and their families will be engaged with the “undertaking” of science as an active process.

Specific Citizen Science projects that this grant would support include:

  1. GLOBE’s newly announced “Trees Around The GLOBE” protocol that will enable students and their mentors to collect and examine carbon sequestration data, seasonal phenology dates, and assess the general health of a forest.

  2. Using iNaturalist protocols, mentor-mentee teams will collect and share data on local bird migration and invasive species. We are exploring partnerships with NY State DOE programs on invasive species as well as local bird clubs.

Data collected will be shared to GLOBE directly and via the Brandwein Institute website to all participants. Toward the end of year one of this project, the Brandwein Institute will administer a questionnaire to all Family Citizen Science participants requesting feedback on what worked, how to improve / support Family Citizen Science participants in the future, and significant affective or qualitative aspects of this project in addition to their quantitative data that was collected. Survey findings, a summative review, and photographs of the project will be posted both on our website and shared with YLACES.

The grant will supply equipment for forestry measurements, a GPS receiver, and a weather station.

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