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Global Water Quality Collaboration Group

Grant amount:


Global Water Quality Collaboration Group is a group of 14 schools and other organizations affiliated with GLOBE that are working together to take and contribute atmosphere and hydrosphere data to the GLOBE ENSO campaign. Most of the participating organizations have the equipment they need or have the means to acquire it, but three schools will receive equipment support through this grant. Mr. Robert J. Connick Jr., a retired science teacher is working with the group and submitted the grant request. The equipment to be provided is:

  1. Water quality testing for dissolved oxygen and nitrates-nitrites;

  2. An automated weather station; and

  3. A GPS receiver for a school in Nigeria where there is poor cell phone coverage.

All data will be reported to GLOBE. The ENSO campaign will enable participating schools to determine whether ENSO produces effects at their location. Water quality objectives been added to this campaign and several of this group’s participants face significant water quality and drinking water availability issues. Students involved in the project will use the information collected to try and determine the best way to maintain or improve the water quality in their areas.

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