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GLOBE Implementation Office

Boulder, Colorado

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GLOBE Storytelling to Communicate Science

In communicating research results, students can become more effective by learning to be passionate science storytellers. Research is very much a structured story; communicating research is telling that story.

All Good Tales is a public relations, marketing and communications firm in Dublin, Ireland, that focuses on communication as storytelling. We propose to engage the firm’s considerable expertise in this field to help students learn to tell the story of their research. Through a guided and well-facilitated approach, students will identify a story (i.e. a research problem) that will work and resonate with the rest of the audience; learn how to tell a succinct and compelling story; and will demonstrate what they have learned to the full GLOBE 2018 Learning Expedition audience on the final morning of the conference.

Included in this time is a half-day working session that will attempt to answer:

  • What is the purpose of the research?

  • How do you gather and structure a story (about the research)?

  • What are the elements of a good story and how they relate to research?

  • What positive results can be achieved through storytelling?

The key outputs of this session will be:

  • A clear purpose to the research.

  • A view of how it affects the wider world.

  • An ability to gather testimonies that document the key emotions uncovered in the research.

  • A clear knowledge of the structure and elements of a great story and great research

  • Communicating research in a compelling and convincing way using storytelling as the vehicle.

The All Good Tales team will work with a group of students and give a storytelling session to them. The workshop will be followed by a Storytelling keynote on Friday morning, along with a wrap up session that will involve the students presenting the stories they have developed working with the All Good Tales team during the meeting.

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