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St. Vrain Community Montessori School

Longmont, Colorado

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St. Vrain Community Montessori School in Longmont, Colorado, has a unique opportunity to develop a long-term, integrated Environmental Citizen Science program in their Upper Elementary as partners both with GLOBE and their local watershed conservation group. The school is committed to dedicating significant staff and classroom time to support this new program.

The vision is to create a three-year cycle of environmental science experiences that supports students as they build skill development and a strong personal connection to the local watershed; fosters scientific questioning and problem solving through research; and makes a meaningful impact by putting their understanding of systems to use in adaptive management projects of our local watershed. Additionally, students will collect and upload watershed data to GLOBE over time and use it to support a yearly Student Citizen Science Symposium as well as student participation in GLOBE Symposia.

Below are photos from the students' first trip to the watershed, as well as photos of

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