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Day-in-the-life Water Monitoring

Fredonia, New York

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An ongoing student hydrology study will be enhanced by the provision of  four Vernier dissolved oxygen probes. In October 2019, 14 different sites were sampled using GLOBE Protocols to collect basic physical hydrology data as well as macroinvertebrate counts. The physical characteristic data collected used the following GLOBE protocols:

· Cloud Cover

· Water Transparency

· Water Temperature

· pH

· Dissolved Oxygen

· Nitrates

The data collected from this event has been entered into the GLOBE database and represents the work of the 275 students involved in the data collection. The students will continue their work during Spring 2020. They will complete stewardship projects. The activity will be mentored by Dr. Michael Labot, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Science Education at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

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