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ScienceSquad Africa Club

Abuja, Nigeria

Grant amount:


Sampling, Identification and Observation of Mosquito Larvae in Kubwa Area, Abuja, Nigeria.

Equipment is supplied for students at ScienceSquad Africa club to carry out the GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper protocol and report their observations to GLOBE. Their science research, ‘’Sampling, identification and observation of mosquito larvae in Kubwa area’’ a suburban municipality some kilometers outside the main city center in Abuja, Nigeria, will help introduce and expose young people of Africa to scientific research, the process of formation of the adult mosquitoes, and relationship of this stage of formation with the environment, the pathogens they carry as well as the most common species, with the aim of understanding why particular mosquito borne disease is common in our locality.

This research will extend to all localities across the federation where the science club is present and will be included in the Saturday weekend program called ‘’street scientist,’’ – a hands-on weekly activity of the science club. All students that participate in this data collection will present all they have documented, learned, and observed for other students to see, learn, and benefit. The student scientists will be mentored by Edwin Obaje, Founder of ScienceSquad Africa and a Globe certified observer. Research findings and data collected will also be uploaded to the Globe website.

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