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2021 Coast to Coast Virtual Student Symposium

Berkeley, California

Grant amount:


This grant proposal is for $1,000 to support student incentives to participate in a virtual regional student research science (SRS) symposium for underserved youth in April-May 2021. The grant money will be used to support 4 student recognition awards of $250 each for a total of $1,000. The student recognition awards have tentatively been identified as: Data Sources; Use of Data; Data Visualization; Data Analysis and Interpretation. The WestEd/UC Berkeley GLOBE partnership, through its GLOBE Mission EARTH (GME) grant, has committed to providing a stipend to its GLOBE teachers to work with their students in preparing posters for the SRS by offering a stipend of $125 for GLOBE implementation and $125 for participation in the SRS, or a total of $250 per teacher for approximately 10 teachers.

All student research projects will be posted on the GLOBE website on the GLOBE Mission EARTH page. teachers and students will be given a voluntary survey to complete on their experiences.

2021 Coast to Coast Virtual Student Symposium
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2021 Coast to Coast Virtual Student Symposium
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