Lost Ladybug Nature Detectives

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Nature Detectives – children who are in kindergarten through fourth grade – will go outdoors and engage in research to support the “Lost Ladybug Project.” Parents will be invited to join their children in the observations. Nature Detectives will search from a selection of four different locations - one for each week of the project. Their search sites will include a community garden or their home garden, a park site and other sites of their choice where ladybugs are likely to be found. The search will continue through four continuous weeks to find ladybugs, evidence of ladybugs, nothing their species, location, number found, and weather. They will document this information by drawing, descriptions, and photographs. Complete submission forms will be sent to the Lost Ladybug Project website, adding to an existing body of research. This research project will build naturalist skills including mapping, measuring, collecting evidence, and observing. The grant will fund cameras and materials for students to document their observations.


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