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Denise Woods Detriot Public Schools

Grant amount:


Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Public Schools are seeking a grant to follow GLOBE protocols in order to identify clouds, atmospheric conditions, and record observations in a journal.  Temperatures, clouds, precipitation, and wind are part of the data to be collected, along with surface temperatures. 35 elementary students and 45 afterschool children will learn these protocols. The goal is to have students observe the phenomenon of the solar eclipse and record data to be shared with other schools and GLOBE. Students will also learn how to take water measurements to study water quality in their local community. Students will use this research to create a project that will be presented at the GLOBE Mission Earth Symposium in Toledo, Ohio. A YLACES grant will provide the following equipment: Weather station, IRT’s, Safety goggles, water thermometers, water monitoring kit, bucket, rope, tripod, and disposable gloves.

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