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Jaci Kirk's first grade class

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Toledo, Ohio

A first grade class will incorporate the study of weather by assimilating it into other parts of the science curricula. Clouds and their part in the weather around us will be introduced on a daily basis. Students will learn to recognize cloud types, and become proficient in using the GLOBE Observer app and uploading data to GLOBE’s database. We plan to be outside to identify atmospheric conditions and begin to learn to accurately perform the appropriate protocols for clouds, temperature, and other parts of local weather. Student will be proficient enough by the time the eclipse takes place, April 8th, 2024, so their data will be accurately gathered and uploaded to NASA.

Each child will keep a journal, with pictures and diagrams, that show how each part of the atmospheric system interacts with the other to provide weather and climate. The teacher will document via pictures and monitoring the journals, to give documentation of accuracy and mastery of the protocols and subject matter. Attention will be given to the movements of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, in preparation for the eclipse, to enable both students and parents to understand what is happening in the skies overhead. Our research as a class and possibly small groups within the class setting, will be shared via parent night and in the symposium in Toledo, Ohio.

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