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Asibara Forest LLC

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Detroit, Michigan

Our initiative seeks to empower the youth of Detroit through direct involvement in environmental research and restoration, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application. We propose a comprehensive program that transitions students from basic environmental observation to conducting substantive environmental research. Starting with foundational awareness and education, we will develop their skills through hands-on projects like Native Grassland Restoration and Air Quality Monitoring with Plants. These projects will not only provide students with valuable scientific experience but also contribute to the ecological betterment of our urban landscape. By meticulously documenting our methodologies and findings, and sharing them via various platforms, we aim to foster a culture of environmental stewardship among the next generation.  We are requesting a grant of $1,250. This funding will be allocated towards educational materials, scientific equipment, and the necessary resources to implement and maintain our research projects. It will also support the development of digital platforms for data collection and analysis, and enable us to provide training for students and community members. Our aim is not only to instill a passion for environmental science but also to make a quantifiable impact on local biodiversity and air quality, creating a greener, healthier Detroit for all residents.

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