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Hawkins STEMM Academy

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Toledo, Ohio

I would like to investigate animals that visit the schoolyard prairie and the Toledo Botanical Gardens during the winter.  My students do not have waterproof boots to enable them to walk in the snow to get to where animal tracks may be in the snow.  This grant will provide shoe/boot covers for all students to wear out in the snow for observation.  We will need books and field guides to research which animals' tracks we have observed.  We will also use binoculars to look at farther distances for animals.  Animal footprint stampers will help us record our observations.  Data from our class observations can then be uploaded to iNaturalist as a means of recording animal presence among the science community.  The students may use this research to present at a GLOBE symposium in Toledo.

2021 YLACES Grant Report_Page_1.jpg
2021 YLACES Grant Report_Page_2.jpg
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