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Monterey Waterkeeper

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Monterey, California

Monterey Waterkeeper’s Central Coast Water Leaders program will combine experiential, place-based learning, and youth-led community science to serve and inspire Monterey County youth and families to become stewards of the Salinas River watershed. This program will serve at least 200 Monterey County residents, including at least 150 youth and families from the Salinas Valley and other lower-income communities of color in Monterey County. We will work primarily with 4-8th grade students, parents, and teachers.

Youth and families will: Conduct water quality testing at different points along the Salinas River during 3 school trips, 3 classroom sessions, and 9 family volunteer cleanup and water quality monitoring days; Contribute data to the international Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program database; Develop leadership and communication skills as they participate in community action projects (e.g., letter-writing, media project, public speaking) to raise community awareness about the Salinas River.

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