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Sandusky High School

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Sandusky, Ohio

In order to collect GLOBE Atmosphere data with the 225 ninth grade students currently enrolled in Sandusky High School's environmental science course we will need additional equipment.  We plan on purchasing 24 soil thermometers, 10 digital scales, 24 soil sample cans, 2 sling psychrometers, 1 digital humidity meter, 30 soil tubes, 12 drawstring backpacks, 12 infrared thermometers, 12 folder clipboards, 4 multipacks of AAA batteries, 80 CR2450 batteries, 10 packages of clay dirt, and 1 Purple Air Monitor.  This equipment will be used to create 24 student research backpacks.  The equipment backpacks will be used by groups of 3 or 4 students to collect GLOBE data relating to their research questions and the GLOBE Urban Heat Islands study.

2021 YLACES Grant Report_Page_1.jpg
2021 YLACES Grant Report_Page_2.jpg
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