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Grant Applications

Our 2024 Grants are open!  Deadlines are February 29th and July 31st. 


Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES) offers grants to equip the rising generation with scientific thinking ability.

What prevents you and your students from conducting environmental research?

Is it access to scientific measurement equipment, transportation for field work, substitute teachers, or mentoring? Let YLACES help you overcome barriers to students progressing from taking environmental observations to doing environmental research.


Using the guidelines below, apply for a grant today and let YLACES help remove these barriers.  


Individuals and groups of US environmental educators and organizations may apply for grants of up to $5,000 for initiatives to engage students in the environmental research and inquiry process. Specifically, these funds are intended to support students doing science and progress students beyond making environmental observations. 


Educators in the US may apply for grants of up $1,250 for instruments and supplies to facilitate youth environmental research and data collection. Student participants are expected to produce research projects and share data through publicly available (or non-proprietary) data sharing platforms . Grantees must commit to coaching students in conducting research projects and sharing their observations and reports.


US environmental educators and organizations may apply for grants of up to $5,000 for local student research symposia (SRS). The local SRS supported by YLACES is to be based on the GLOBE regional SRS model ( but instead should be one-day events with student participants drawn from a school, school district(s), a locale, or a small region. 


International environmental educators or organizations may submit grant proposals for instruments and supplies to facilitate youth environmental research and data collection with the endorsement from the GLOBE Program in their country.

Larger grants may be considered following consultation with Dr. Dixon Butler (


YLACES grants do not fund staff time and will only cover modest amounts for computing equipment required for students to record and report measurements. 

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