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Grant Applications

The Next Grant deadline is
July 31, 2023.

To apply for a grant, formal and informal educators are invited to submit a proposal of no more than three pages that addresses the following:


Brief description of the proposer’s organization, including population served, number of students/participants who will be included in the grant-related activities and their ages/grades. 

  • Describe the proposed local student research symposium (SRS) or research project.

  • If requesting support for a local SRS, describe the host organization, SRS target population, proposed location and date, and any external sources of funding, if applicable.

  • If requesting research equipment and/or supplies:

    • Explain how student research will be incorporated into curricula or youth group activities.

    • Describe how the quality of youth citizen science measurements will be assured, the protocols documented, and the data reported and shared.

    • Explain how research results and conclusions will be documented and shared by participants.

  • For both grant types, describe how participant involvement in scientific ways of thinking will be assessed and reported to YLACES.


In addition to the brief proposal, please include a resume of the applicant, including email and telephone number.


Grant proposals are due by either February 28th or July 15th and should be submitted by email to One grant proposal is accepted per cycle.

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