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Keith Wheeler

Keith A. Wheeler

CEO, ZedX Inc.

Founding Partner, WorldViews LLC

ZedX Inc. is an international agro-environmental knowledge management and IT company; WorldViews LLC is an international sustainable development and training consultancy.


Keith is currently the President of the board of Trustees of the Paul F. Brandwein Institute, an international conservation science education not-for-profit dedicated to the education of future leaders and their recognition of human interdependence with nature.


Keith Wheeler is a former Chair of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. He is a former Director of the Keystone Center, an international NGO focused on environmental conflict resolution, and former President of the Foundation for Our Future, an international NGO whose mission is to support capacity development for individuals and institutions in the area of sustainable development, organizational development, knowledge management, education/training, and strategic communication planning

Keith served on President Clinton’s Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) Education and Communication Task Force (1993-1999); was Co-Chair of the White House Initiative Education for Sustainability, and Co-Chair National Forum for Partnerships Supporting Education about the Environment. He was the first Executive Director and CEO of Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN), a 135-nation international nongovernmental organization that was the recognized leader in watershed education and conservation. He served an Assistant Director for the Adirondack Park Agency, leading the development of interpretative programs for the six million acre park. In addition, Keith was internationally recognized as a soil scientist for the USDA and for Cornell University from 1976-1987.


Keith holds a graduate degree from Cornell University and undergraduate degree from Syracuse University. He has presented keynote addresses to business, scientific, technologic and education conferences throughout the world on a variety of sustainable development, conservation, knowledge management and education issues. He has authored over two-dozen peer review publications, dozens of general publications and published a book entitled Education for Sustainability: A Paradigm of Hope for the 21st Century.

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