Democracy and Science

Democracy – self-government – is hard work and requires that we the people are cognitively prepared for the task. The ability to think scientifically and reason from evidence – data – to conclusions is an essential complement to communication skill and an understanding of human interactions and governmental mechanisms. Science education is an essential partner with humanities and social science learning in preparing for the duties of citizenship. To fulfill its role, science education must go beyond learning information and lab experimentation to doing research projects.

Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists is dedicated to inculcating scientific thinking ability through student environmental research – do science, learn science.

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Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists assists and rewards the implementation of inquiry-based, experiential science education where students do science and contribute to understanding of our environment through recognition and financial reward programs.

Grants range from equipment and supplies for taking environmental measurements to recognition and support for students presenting their research projects and working for pervasive inclusion of student research projects in science teaching. 

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