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YLACES funded project awarded Best Overall Presentation

Four Harmony High School students recently competed at the Southwestern Regional GLOBE Symposium in Denver, Colorado. The group was invited by the National Science Foundation and  to participate along with several other schools in the East Texas region and others form the various states that compose the region.

GLOBE, which stands for Global Learning and Observation Benefitting the Environment, is an international organization sponsored by the National Science Foundation, NASA, and many others whose goal is to engage students in environmental science through the likes of research projects, international collaboration with other students and scientist as well as competitions ranging from a regional to a global scale. 

The all freshman group consisting of Isaac Edwards, Brandon McNeil, Matthew Scott and Shane Sewell presented a project titled ‘Water and Animals: Ground Zero for the Next Plague.’ The project tested many different water sites within and around the cities of Winnsboro, Holly Lake, and Tyler. The aim of the project was to test the waters and attempt to find any correlations between water contamination due to agriculture and possible diseases that can come from it. To exemplify their project on an international scale, the group will also be conducting research in India through collaboration with students. There, they will be focusing on a lake in New Delhi, Lake Sanjay that could have the potential to harbor a next plague. The overall goal for their project is to bring awareness and educate both citizens and politicians on the potential of contamination in the watershed. The students will be presenting their international research project at the GLOBE Conference in Connecticut in July. 

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