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YLACES Makes Equipment Grant to the Olohana Foundation

YLACES announces that it is supplying the Olohana Foundation with 3-D printed automated weather stations to be set up at three remote sites on the big island of Hawaii.

Local youth will take a leading role in assembling the stations and continually monitoring the sites. As part of the citizen science process, participants will utilize GLOBE protocols to assess current and future states of the local climate system and identify potential impacts to inform their disaster preparedness, and stewardship decision-making. Peer-education will contribute to a climate-literate public. The goal is to foster a better understanding of vulnerability to a changing climate, allowing citizens to make more informed decisions.


YLACES seeks to develop citizens with scientific habits of mind, utilizing the environment as a learning laboratory where students conduct inquiry-based research and contribute to a better collective understanding of our changing world.

For further information, ways to donate, and links to Symposia information, visit the

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