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Student Research Symposia

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an SRS include?

What does an SRS include?

  • A session where students present their work to their peers

  • A session where scientists review the posters and give pointers on areas for improvement or further investigation

  • Students are treated to a visit to a local attraction such as a science museum, aquarium, etc.

  • Keynote speaker after dinner

  • Students are provided with a chance to meet professional scientists and have their questions answered

How does an SRS work?

  • SRS are held annually across the United States

  • SRS lasts a day and a half

  • Local arrangements and sponsorship provided through GLOBE partners

  • Students in 5th-12th grade conduct environmental research projects on topics of their own choosing

  • Projects are individual or can be in teams of up to four members

  • Students bring reports of their work to an SRS for their region

  • Travel support provided for at-risk and underrepresented students​

  • Housing provided for those coming from away

  • Meals and special activities provided for all attendees

How does an SRS work?

How can teachers get involved?

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