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Egypt Globe Plus Post


GLOBE Plus Post in Egypt has a goal to raise awareness about threats to the environment and figure out solutions to protect against these threats. They plan on accomplishing this mission by enhancing STEM education and skills across Egypt. Field measurement activities are a key part of enhancing the STEM education and understanding about environmental issues.

To achieve these goals, GLOBE Plus Post will continue their partnership with the Planetarium Science Center of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (PSC) to identify elementary-age students – initially in Alexandria and in the Delta region – as beneficiaries of the GLOBE program.

For GLOBE Post Plus activities conducted over an academic year, post would target 5-8 grade students (with particular emphasis on Egyptian girls who may have less access to STEM opportunities).  At full capacity, these activities could reach approximately 1000 students per school.  These students would create a pool of trained citizen scientists who can continue to apply their STEM skills in future PSC and other science programs available to high school students.

In alignment with Mission goals, students’ field data measurements would focus on the atmosphere (e.g. soil temperature, precipitation, ozone, surface temperature, etc.) and the hydrosphere (e.g. water temperature, salinity, pH, etc.).  YLACES has provided rain gauges, thermometers, IR thermometers, soil thermometers, pH meters, and kits to make pH calibration solutions.

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