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Mexico Globe Plus Post


The GLOBE Plus Post program was implemented in Mexico City in 2018. Attention was focused on two GLOBE schools in Mexico City working with the city’s Natural History Museum.  The Program aims to increase female student participation in GLOBE and investigate possible solutions to environmental risks, such as potential dust in their temporary classrooms.

The two target schools are Aquiles Serdan Elementary School and Technical Junior High School #73.  Students from Aquiles Serdan gather GLOBE meteorological measurements at Mexico City’s Natural History Museum. GLOBE Plus Post funding will increase their data collection and analysis. Over 1,000 students from the Aquiles Serdan School (6 to 12 years old) and Junior High School 73 (12 to 15 years old) will participate in the GLOBE program together with teachers and student families. The school plans to install a rainwater capture system in order to manage water, minimize floods, and use collected water for toilets.

The museum seeks additional equipment for atmospheric and hydrologic data collection and proposes to study weather factors related to nearby wildlife.  The museum also plans to work with Aquiles Serdan students to study and collect data on migratory and aquatic birds as well as local tree and plant species, which they will upload to the GLOBE website.

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