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Nepal Globe Plus Post


GLOBE Plus Post in Nepal strives to help citizen scientists  explore the linkages of environment and science with other important sectors such as health and education.

The GLOBE Plus Program will be launched in five schools in Nepal.  Three of the schools are located in the Lalitpur district within the Kathmandu Valley whereas the two remaining schools are located in Morang District and Jhapa District of eastern Nepal.  The GLOBE Plus program will include both public as well as private schools and will target 20 students in grades six through nine in each of the schools. The GLOBE Nepal Program will work closely with the schools’ science teachers and children’s nature clubs to implement the program.  The students will be trained to understand, collect, and enter the following GLOBE Protocol data types – atmosphere, hydrosphere (general hydrology, mosquito) and pedosphere. Additionally, the students will be provided with training on research and report writing.

YLACES has supplied the post with IR thermometers, soil thermometers, rain gauges, pH meters, buffer kits, regular thermometers, tape measures, compasses, and GPS receivers.

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