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Panama Globe Plus Post


GLOBE Plus post in Panama aims to provide water monitoring knowledge to kids in rural and indigenous areas. This data will be used to consider water usage for human, commercial, industrial, and agricultural consumption. Measurements will be taken in a region that is part of the watershed that provides water for the Canal and more than 80 percent of Panama City's population.

Five sets of equipment will be provided for students to take data following clouds, soil, water, mosquitos and phenology GLOBE protocols. Student groups will be formed at Centro Boquerón Abajo, a public school with limited resources. The students and their teachers will be trained and mentored by experts from the NATURA Foundation, a non-governmental organization created on March 28, 1991 to promote plans and programs for the protection and conservation of the biological heritage and natural resources of Panama.  Data will be reported to GLOBE. The proposers hope to have virtual exchanges with one or more US GLOBE schools and interaction through GLOBE with research scientists.

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