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2020 SRS Cancelled

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Unfortunately, the GLOBE and YLACES leadership teams have decided that with the unknowns of the current situation and the number of schools that would be unable to participate, there will no longer be any Student Research Symposia for the spring or fall of 2020. Thank you for understanding.
Here are some FAQs answered by the GLOBE team:
Will there be a 2020 (spring or fall) SRS? No. The leadership team decided that with the unknowns of the current situation and the number of schools that would be unable to participate, we will not plan any Student Research Symposia for the spring or fall of 2020.   If students finish their SRS project, is there a way for it to be shared with the GLOBE community?  Students are encouraged to upload their projects to the GLOBE website on this page: once they have logged in. Please upload the projects and tag them with the U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS). See the attached image - this is the window that will open when you choose to upload the project. Be sure the button for SRS is clicked. (Note: Students can ALWAYS upload their projects any time of year - just click off the Standard Research Report button.)  The SRS was an opportunity for research projects to be reviewed by peers (other students) and by STEM professionals. Are you offering this opportunity virtually? Yes. The SRS leadership believes that there is no replacement for the in-person conversations that take place when students are discussing their research. However, we also know that many students have worked hard prior to schools moving to virtual learning. To honor that progress and dedication, we will have a process for students to receive feedback. Projects uploaded by May 1, 2020 to the GLOBE website and tagged with SRS will be reviewed by STEM professionals who will leave comments on the project page. We also invite GLOBE students to participate in the peer review process. The review will take place May 2-15, 2020. We will post a PPT on peer review and other guidance for participants in the coming weeks on our website. My students worked very hard but they lack the resources to finish their data collection, research and/or poster. Is there an opportunity for them to share what they did before our school closed? Yes! Several GLOBE Partners and STEM professionals would be willing to meet with students and teachers virtually and hear about their work. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to with your name, school, state, grade level of the students and a description of the protocols they used. If you have the research question, that would also be helpful. We will connect you to a GLOBE Partner and/or STEM professional so you can work out the virtual interaction from that point forward. Will you be recognizing students who upload their research to the GLOBE website? Yes! The U.S. GLOBE Office will email the teacher with certificates of participation for each student. If you have any difficulty getting them to the student, we will print them off and mail them directly to their home address. Please reach out and let us know where to send them. Our school was awarded funding to attend the 2020 SRS. Will you honor the award next spring? Unfortunately, we will not be able to transfer the funding awards for the 2020 SRS to the 2021 events. In accordance with our grant, the awards are calculated based on the number of students, location of the event, federal per diem and mileage rates, hotel costs and airline tickets at the time. These will be recalculated next year in order to award funding. Schools/teachers will need to reapply next year. Those awarded funding in 2020 will be prioritized in next year’s funding cycle. May 1st is coming up quickly, what if we miss the deadline? We understand that a hard deadline in these times is pretty darn unrealistic. The GLOBE Partners and the STEM professionals we work with are 100% committed to working with you and your students to make this a positive experience. If students submit a project with the SRS tag over the next several months, we will have at least 3 STEM professionals comment on their work. Just let us know it is there and we will make it happen. We/I just...can’t. Will our school be penalized for not taking advantage of these opportunities when it comes to awarding funding next year? No way! There are so many other things on your plate personally and professionally, developing and changing over 24 hours sometimes; don’t give this one more thought. We will see you and your students next spring and welcome you warmly.  Speaking of GLOBE SRS 2021, any idea where those will be? Why yes we do! Plan on the same locations as the 2020 events! Dates TBD. 

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