St. Vrain Community Montessori School Begins Using YLACES Materials for Citizen Science

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

St. Vrain Community Montessori School, a public charter school in Longmont, Colorado, uses both the GLOBE Program and the Left Hand Watershed Center, a local watershed conservation center, as the foundations for its Environmental Citizen Science program. Educators at the school have found that the GLOBE Program meshes extremely well with the robust Montessori science curriculum, and the watershed sites allows students to apply observation, measurement and stewardship skills. The school has also established a laboratory, the Willow Wide Lab, out of a formerly underutilized kitchen space, to allow students to study and practice field collection methods and using specialized equipment.

Thanks to a grant from YLACES, the students at St. Vrain have set up an Atmospheric measurement site at the school and take weekly field study trips to the Left Hand Watershed sites.

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Below are photos from the school's first trip to the watershed, as well as photos of the Willow Wide Lab space.

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Grants range from equipment and supplies for taking environmental measurements to recognition and support for students presenting their research projects and working for pervasive inclusion of student research projects in science teaching. 

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