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Student Scientists Present Research at the GLOBE Annual Meeting with Support from YLACES

Each year GLOBE students from around the world submit their environmental research projects to the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) and US students present their projects at regional Student Research Symposia (SRS) sponsored by Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES) and NASA.

This year, one student research team from each of the international GLOBE regions received a $2,000 grant to help them attend the GLOBE Annual Meeting in Detroit to present their research to the worldwide GLOBE community. Two student research teams from the US who participated in the IVSS received $1,000 support grants as well.

In order to showcase the excellent work presented at the six regional SRS, YLACES also provided $1,000 grants to one student research team from each SRS. These nine students who were able to make the trip were terrific presenters of their projects and joined the international student attendees in a two-night outdoor research experience. Following this research experience, students presented their data and analyses to the adult meeting participants. The SRS student researchers are pictured along with representatives from NASA, YLACES, and the University of New Hampshire organizers of the SRS.

Dixon Butler, Founder and President of YLACES, Allison Lelidner, Education Program Manager at NASA Earth Science, and Jennifer Bourgeault, GLOBE US Country Coordinator, with SRS students researchers at the GLOBE Annual Meeting

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