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YLACES is Seven!

Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES) is now seven years

old. During this time as a public charity more than $550,000 has been awarded in 100+

grants. Over 140 individuals and organizations have supported our work with

donations. The GLOBE Student Research Symposia (SRS) program has been

enabled to continue and sustained by our joining NASA in funding this activity,

with proven benefits for students. Funding of SciStarter and the National Wildlife

Federation (NWF) sustainable schools has provided the foundation for a

partnership between the NWF and GLOBE. Grants for GLOBEPlus Posts in ten

countries and Taiwan and grants to restart GLOBE activity in Ghana and provide

equipment to schools in other countries have helped spread GLOBE

internationally. The award of five Youth Environmental Science (YES) Medals has

provided recognition of major contributors to youth learning science by doing

science. YLACES’s website, social media, and talks have provided advocacy for

inclusion of student research in science and environmental education. Seven

years of accomplishments have prepared YLACES for future progress in inculcating

scientific habits of mind in the rising generations.

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