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Back to School with YLACES

As we reach the beginning of October, students and teachers alike are getting into the routine of the school year. Teachers are often still looking for ways to engage students in their studies both inside and outside of the classroom. Involving students in environmental citizen science and research projects can strengthen science education and pupil engagement. YLACES is here to help. Need equipment? Send us a proposal telling what you need and how you will use it. Get students started on research projects so that they are ready to present at a GLOBE Student Research Symposium that we help sponsor.

Visit the grants page on our website,, to find out more about applying for grants. Past grantee schools have used these grants in a range of ways, from doing research on local watersheds and providing the data to GLOBE, to measuring environmental phenomena for comparison with NASA satellites. For a taste of what’s possible download and use the GLOBEObserver app.

Visit to find out more about what our grantees do and how students and teachers can get involved doing science in their own communities to learn science.

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