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YLACES makes grants of equipment, materials, and supplies that enable student participation in taking environmental measurements and contributing their data to citizen science programs. Grants are also available for systemic initiatives, development of educational materials, and creative ideas that support students doing research and learning to think scientifically.

YLACES provides funding for projects both in the US and globally. Funding for projects outside of the United States can be sought in two ways:

1) Applicants can submit a grant proposal following YLACES's guidelines.

2) Schools outside the US participating in GLOBE can receive equipment to support their GLOBE activities through the GLOBE Country Coordinator and the in-country US mission. In this public-private partnership, called GLOBEPlus Post, the US Department of State supports international participation in GLOBE by arranging for delivery of equipment provided by YLACES. To date, GLOBEPlus Post has supported projects in Kenya, Mexico,  Panama, Taiwan, Bermuda, and Togo.

Our Grantees Are All Over The World!

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